SSTV, Cams & Mag Loops with VK7OO

Did you miss Steve VK7OO’s presentation on Slow Scan TV, Cams and Magnetic Loops?

It is now available on the REAST YouTube channel at:

In summary Steve covered: 

  • Commencing SSTV back in 2007 with an SSTVCam
  • What is needed to run an SSTV station and an SSTVCam
  • What are the challenges of SSTVCams
  • How much power do you need?
  • What does 13 years of propagation look like?
  • Steve’s favourite contact was with VK5HJS and best DX was FM5CD in Martinique.
  • Working SSTV from the ISS is easy and Steve explained how.
  • What antenna’s did he use overtime from a G5RV, Beveridge, EFHW and magnetic loop.
  • Steve then went into his experiments with magnetic loops including building a VK5SFA 160/80m mag loop.
  • Steve moved to using his VK5JST Pex-Aluminium-Pex (gas pipe) loop from the AR magazine published design.
  • Steve summed up with SSTV in 2020 and took questions from the audience.

A huge thank you to Steve for the presentation.

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