REAST and the DATV QSO Party 202

Friday 28th August 2020 saw the Digital Amateur TeleVision (DATV) QSO (Contacts) Party/Gathering.

This took place virtually via Zoom with Peter Cossins VK3BFG as the Master of Ceremonies from locked-down VK3!

The celebration was due to Peter and Amateur Radio Victoria having VK3RTV back up and going after it’s move from the Dandenongs to Mount View / Mt Waverley.

The Friday night focused on contacts from around VK (Australia) with the following stations participating:

VK2CRJ – Gary, VK2LGW – Luke, VK7OTC – Justin, VK7AX – Tony, VK3BCU – Neil, VK3CH – Mick,
VK3ATV – John, VK3WV – Dennis, VK3CSJ – Clint, VK3WWW – Jack, VK5BD – Bevan, VK5KJG – John,
VK5YYY – Roger, VK5MSD – Steven, VK5DMC – David, VK5ALX – Alex

Each station zooming into Peter VK3BFG either directly or via their local ATV repeater which was then linked via Zoom. Each station had a couple time slots to show a wide variety of activities, equipment, events, etc.


Peter VK3BFG shared a segment from one of the local VK3 Amateur Radio Clubs about the DATV QSO Party – Extract from NEVARC News

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