Renew Membership

Being a member of REAST has many great benefits and also helps us to continue improving services for our members. Just some of the purchases made over the past year for members has included:

  • The Southern Tasmania Repeater Refresh program
  • A Yaesu DR-1X digital repeater (DMR/DSTAR/P25/Fusion).
  • Refeshing the facilities in the clubrooms.
  • A refreshed first aid kit.
  • A new Wifi Access Point, giving better Access to internet at clubrooms.
  • Annual repeater licensing.
  • New heat pumps in the clubrooms.
  • New club shack radio and test equipment.

We have a huge repeater refresh project that is currently being implemented in 2023 that will simplify and improve repeater coverage across Southern Tasmania.

To renew your membership please use the REAST Membership Portal.

The subscription fee for 2024 is $40 for Tasmanian based members and $20 for members outside Tasmania.

If you need any further details please Contact Us