23cm Transmissions

Ben VK7BEN's 23cm Mobile set up on Rosny Hill

Ben VK7BEN’s 23cm Mobile set up on Rosny Hill

There are a keen number of amateur radio enthusiasts that operate on the 23cm band (1296MHz). This high up on the spectrum, radios that transmit on this band are not easy to come by and often people by a transverter to operate here.

The 23cm group mainly hold QSO sessions on Sunday mornings, with the occasional construction session. If you have a low cost  RTL-SDR you can listen out for people operating on the 23cm band.

23cm QSO Party

When:   Approx 10am every Sunday
Frequency: 1296.150MHz FM, followed by USB operation later
Where Hobart and Surrounds

Contact: Please Contact Us for further information