IRLP, Echolink, DMR

REAST Repeaters are capable of internet linking protocols such as IRLP and Echolink and Digital Voice protocols such as DMR, C4FM, DSTAR, & P25. Below is the information you will need to access these services.

PLEASE NOTE: The new linked repeater system (Nth – Sth based on asterisk) will not retransmit DTMF tones. A temporary work around is to transmit the tones on the output of the repeater 146.100MHz so it is heard locally (at the Queens Domain) and the IRLP and Echolink Nodes will respond and connect normally.


For more information on IRLP try:

Check for node status information.

Callsign: VK7RHT
Node: 6739
Access via: 2m VK7RHT repeater

Echolink Node:

For more information on echolink try:

Callsign: VK7RHT-R
Node: 331193
Access via: 2m VK7RHT repeater


Most people use code plugs to configure their DMR Radios. The below code plugs have been prepared by Scott VK7HSE and Clayton VK7ZCR. These code plugs are offered without any warranty or liability from both REAST, Scott or Clayton. You may use at your own risk.

Please be aware you will need to update personal details in the codeplug before uploading to your Radio. These details will be your DMR ID and callsign.