Radio Nets

Sewing Circle Net

At 17:00 (local Tasmanian time) each day on 3.590MHz there is a friendly gathering of amateurs from a number of States that have a general rag-chew session about anything and everything.

The Sewing Circle Group holds the “Meet the Voice” event each March – for more information take a look at: Meet the Voice Event

All amateurs are welcome.

FSQ Fridays

Starting at 20:00 (local Tasmanian time) every Friday using digital mode FSQ. At 20:00 we start on 145.225MHz USB to check in, with people around before the net to test transmissions and get things working. At 20:30 we will switch to 7105kHz USB and see if there are any DX stations around to listen to as well as locals only set up for HF digital modes. Check out the FSQ Fridays page for more information.

You can join the #vk7 chat channel to get help setting yourself up for FSQ.