QSL Bureau

The VK7 Inwards QSL/Awards Manager is Herman Westerhof, VK7HW.

Herman can be contacted by e-mail:

Online Contact Form
0419 343 064 (national)
61 3 419 343 064 (international)


QSL Manager
PO Box 253


Only WIA members are entitled to use the QSL Bureau. Being a member of REAST or any other local club only, is not sufficient.  You must also be a WIA member.  

The QSL bureau is funded by the WIA and is for the exclusive use of members of the WIA. The state QSL manager is appointed by the WIAand is supported by the WIA is all respects.

Outbound Cards

As of 1 December 2007, all WIA members will be responsible for the dispatch of their own cards to the NSW QSL Bureau (address below). WIA members may dispatch their cards as often as they like.  The cost of sending their QSL cards is the responsibility of that particular WIA member.

WIA Outwards QSL Service
PO Box 66

Inbound Cards

WIA National will pay for the delivery of incoming cards to each WIAmember once a year.  Only if the number of cards received for a WIAmember is excessive will WIA National pay for more than one delivery.

Non-Member’s Cards

Non member’s cards will be held in a holding bin for a period of 12 months.  These cards will not be sorted.  It will be the task of the individual to search for his/her own cards.  There is to be no sorting or time expended by the bureau manager in sorting out non member’s cards.


Currently the “State” and Southern QSL Manager sorts and deposits Southern WIA members’ cards at the Domain Club rooms.  This practice will continue after 1 December 2007.

Cards for North and North West WIA members will still be forwarded as normal.

SASE WIA members will still receive their cards in the manner in which they receive them now.  

SASE members are now required to forward their cards directly to the NSW QSLBureau, unless they are REAST Members as well.  They are not to be forwarded to the Southern QSL Manager any more.  If such an amateur is a REAST member, the following “action” would apply to them:

The QSL Manager receives a list of WIA members every 3 months.  If the QSL Manager believes that QSL cards have been received from an amateur who is not on the latest membership list, those cards will not be forwarded on to WIA Outwards QSL Bureau.  If doubt arises as to whether or not an amateur is a WIA member, those cards will be forwarded to WIA Outwards QSL Bureau, who in turn will check whether or not that amateur is a WIA member or not, and then act accordingly.


It is up to each individual amateur to forward their cards directly to the NSW QSL Bureau. 

If any further information is required, please contact me using the online contact form or post to PO Box 253, South Hobart, TAS 7004


Herman Westerhof
VK7 Inwards QSL Manager


Qsl cards should be well designed with the following information displayed prominently on the card:

  1. Full callsign of the station worked with the qsl manager’s callsign if a manager is used,

  2. Your own callsign,

  3. Your full address,

  4. Confirmation that a two way QSO has taken place,

  5. Indication of what type of QSO took place,

  6. Date and time of the QSO. Always use UTC when referring to times,

  7. Indication of the frequency,

  8. Indication of the signal report given,

  9. Information displayed in a horizontal format.

Cards should be no larger than 140mm x 90mm and no smaller that 125mm x 80mm.

Cards are best printed on light weight card. Flimsy paper type cards and heavy card is not recommended.


Cards collected by overseas amateurs for the purpose of gaining awards require precise information.