Amateur Licence Assessments

Licencing requirements
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for issuing Amateur Radio Licenses and supervising the standards of examinations. The Australian Maritime College (AMC) Examination Service is responsible for syllabus setting, issuing and marking of examinations for Australian amateurs and maintaining the standards of examinations.

Within Southern Tasmania there are currently two accredited AMC Assessors who can administer an examination:

  Contact Callsign Contact
Assessor & Learning Organiser Reg Emmett VK7KK Please use online contact form
Assessor Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW

Please contact us about when the next examination is being held and the form and fee requirements.

In the South examinations are normally held as required in the clubroom on the Queen’s Domain Hobart. Check out the REAST Facebook page for regular assessment events. We can also organise ad hoc assessments just let us know through the contact form.

Please note: If you want to sit a Foundation, Standard or Advanced examination you must book at least 14 days before the intended examination date.

Amateur radio examinations cover a combination of the following areas dependent on the licence grade:

  • Electronics & radio communication theory;
  • Government radio regulations;
  • Practical examination;

Not all examination elements need to be taken at the same time. You may focus on the theory and do the examination then focus on the regulation, etc

The following table summarises which examinations need to be taken for each licence grade:

  Regulations Foundation Theory & Regs Standard Theory Advanced Theory Practical Exam
Foundation   X     X
Standard X   X   X
Advanced X     X X

Please check with the examination officer for confirmation or update on when the next course will be run.

Foundation License Handbooks are stocked at the Tasmanian Petroleum Service Station which is at 136-138 Main Road Moonah thanks to Clayton VK7ZCR. Please note that only cash ($35) can be used to pay for the Foundation Licence Manuals at the Service Station or they can be ordered through the WIA, see the Foundation Manual Page.

Courses available
There are a range of options available to study for amateur radio examinations:

  • A Self Study Manual is available for the Foundation Licence
  • REAST Foundation Licence Training Videos – 10 REAST YouTube videos
  • WIA Foundation Licence practice examinations
  • Other self study options – self study – there are many courses of study available through books, the Internet and CD-ROM; or,
  • By completing correspondence courses; or,
  • Study in a radio class.

Please contact us for more information

We recommend the Silvertrain for Advanced and Standard Training material and courses. More information can be found at:

An alternative is the Radio and Electronics School courses for Standard and Advanced training material. More information can be found at:

Happy Studying