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The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania’s objects and purposes include:

  • for the association of persons interested in and for the encouragement and development of radio communication and electronics in all its modes;
  • to encourage, assist and educate all persons interested in all aspects of amateur radio and allied techniques with special reference to licensed radio amateurs and to promote the extension of interest and participation in such pursuits;
  • participation in activities using radio communication equipment and techniques within the terms of amateur licensing as amended from time to time;

Members of the club come from all walks of life and we meet to share a common interest in experimental radio communications and electronic experimentation.¬†We meet regularly in our club rooms which are the former OTC Wireless Station on the Queen’s Domain, Hobart. See the Events page for details. You are welcome to come along whether you are a member or not.

We are proudly affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia.

Are you interested in Joining REAST or renewing your membership? Please visit the membership page.

We run regular training courses for Foundation, and assessments for Standard and Advanced amateur radio licences.

REAST has a strategic partnership with the Tasmanian Smallcraft Marine Radio Group sub-lease our clubrooms and operate the Tas Maritime Radio marine network.