Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania

The month of June 2023 was the centenary celebration of organised amateur radio in Tasmania.

There was a huge number of activities that happened throughout the month of June and beyond. These included:

  • Operation of the Special Centenary callsign – VK7WIA
    • A number of VK7 Amateurs operated the special event callsign VK7WIA across many different modes for a short period in the month of June.
    • They logged all the calls and these will be uploaded to Logbook Of The World (LOTW).
1922 7AA QSL Card

Trevor obtained the call 7AA in 1922. When international communication became possible, it became necessary to add letters to identify the countries, hence the “A” for Australia.

  • Special QSL cards
    • The special QSL card is available for contacts made with VK7WIA and these are available in electronic version via LOTW and hard copy upon request.


  • Special Centenary Award Certificate
    • These are available for those amateurs who have contacted VK7WIA with the following centenary award conditions:
      • At least one RF phone contact;
      • 10 Contacts with VK7WIA within VK/ZL
      • 5 Contacts with VK7WIA outside VK/ZL
    • Contact our Awards Manager – Herman VK7HW – [email protected]
VK7WIA Centenary Award Certificate SAMPLE

VK7WIA Centenary Award Certificate SAMPLE

  • Media Opportunities to promote amateur Radio to the general public.
    • Eric VK7EV – 7AD North West Coast Radio interview
    • Reg VK7KK – Promo on Macca’s Show ABC Radio National
    • Reg VK7KK – Interview on Mel Bush ABC Local Radio
    • Hayden VK7HH – Channel 7 TV News Interview
    • Eric VK7KK – Coastal FM Outside Broadcast at NW Open Day
  • Amateur Radio Magazine from June to December 2023 has VK7 focused features
    • May/June edition with a history of amateur radio in Tasmania (VK7).
    • June/July edition with Broadcast history in VK7 1920s-present day
    • July/August edition with Women Amateurs and ALARA in VK7
    • August/Sept edition with Frederick “Pop” Medhurst VK7 Wireless Pioneer
    • More in the planning
  • WIA National News Broadcast came from VK7 on the 18th June 2023.
  • NTARC “Cent” CW Transmitterdesign from Nick VK7WW.
  • Grant for public facing web based searchable VK7 history archive
    • The Centenary Committee is developing a grant application for a public facing web based searchable history archive for permanent recording, searching and archiving of VK7 Amateur Radio History. This is being done in collaboration with the WIA History Committee to ensure alignment with the history committee strategic direction.

This event is supported by our national representative body the Wireless Institute of Australia.

Some of the amateurs at an exhibition in Launceston.

Some of the amateurs at an exhibition in Launceston.

The VK7 Centenary is:

  • Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW
  • Reg Emmett VK7KK
  • Rod Finlayson VK7TRF
  • Peter Dowde VK7PD
  • Eric Van De Neut VK7EV
  • Mike Jenner VK7FB
  • Linda Luther VK7QP
  • Phil Corby VK7ZAX

Committee contact email is: [email protected]

Len Crooks VK7BQ in his Shack in May 1969.

Len Crooks VK7BQ in his Shack in May 1969.