REAST Open Day

Do you have an interest in electronics or technology? Ever stared up at Mt Wellington at the large rocket ship tower and wondered how does radio work?

Come learn about Amateur Radio!

The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST) will be holding a public open day on Saturday December 5th up at the top of the Queen’s Domain.

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It’s fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.
There will be lots going on in and around the REAST clubrooms and we will have lots of different activities for everyone!

  • Did you know foxes are alive and well in Tasmania? Come join in on a “fox hunt” or hidden transmitter finding game.
  • Have you ever talked over a light beam? Come up and meet our Wallies and talk over a red light beam.
  • Come check out our television studios where we will be broadcasting live on the airwaves using Amateur Television.
  • WICEN – the civil emergency network will be there with their big mobile tower and show what they get up to.
  • ALARA – the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association will be there with the many activities that ALARA get up to.
  • Moonbounce – you will be able to see how the equipment that amateur radio operators use to bounce signals off the moon and back.
  • Morse Code – yes it is still used and is actually gaining in popularity – it’s SMS that is over 100 years old! Come along and try your hand at it.
  • Microwaves – bit like the type in your kitchen but much less power. See it in action!
  • Interested in bushwalking? – How about taking a radio with you and operating from the top of a mountain – Learn about Summits on the Air (SOTA).
  • Pictures over radio – Come up and see Slow Scan TeleVision (SSTV) and see pictures being send over radio.
  • Did you know the internet has links back to technology that radio amateurs developed called Packet Radio – come along and see it in action.
  • Learn who to become a radio amateur – REAST runs regular courses up on the Queens Domain.

There will be many other general displays and interesting and fascinating things that amateurs get up to as well as a Sausage Sizzle (with onion!), coffee and cake available on the day.

Who could pass up an opportunity such as that!

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