SSTV, SSTVCAMs and Mag Loop Antennas

Our REAST Presentation Night for October will see Steve, VK7OO taking us through his obsession with SSTV and SSTVCAMs and his experiences during his 13 year journey.
Covering the challenge of keeping a SSTVCAM operating, observations about propagation, receiving SSTV from space unattended and just what’s involved in operating a SSTV CAM.
Steve will also discuss his success building a PEX-AL-PEX magnetic loop just for SSTV on 14.230. This presentation will feature actual images from the 120,000 plus images Steve has received.
We also will be broadcasting this presentation on 445.5 MHz DVB-T in the Hobart area and we will be streaming on the REAST YouTube Channel –
See you there.
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