Foundation Licence Training and Assessment Day

REAST will be holding a Foundation Training and All Licence Assessment Day.

Foundation Licence training commences at 9AM and Assessments commence around 3PM.

If you would like to participate in this session then please contact Reg Emmett VK7KK – REAST Learning Organiser on email: [email protected] or mobile: 0417 391 607 at least a fortnight prior to the session.

Foundation License Handbooks are stocked at the Queen’s Domain Clubrooms which is open on Wednesday from 12Noon-2pm and 6-10PM. There are credit card facilities available and the price is $35 or they can be ordered through the WIA, see the Foundation Manual Page.

Courses available
There are a range of options available to study for amateur radio examinations:

  • A Self Study Manual is available for the Foundation Licence
  • REAST Foundation Licence Training Videos – 10 REAST YouTube videos
  • WIA Foundation Licence practice examinations
  • Other self study options – self study – there are many courses of study available through books, the Internet and CD-ROM; or,
  • By completing correspondence courses; or,
  • Study in a radio class.

Please contact us for more information

Happy Studying

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