September Forum Night – Emergency Communication / Prepper Radio

This forum night will focus on the role of amateur radio when the apocalypse hits!

How prepared are we as amateur radio operators for when that Extreme Space Weather event – like the 1859 Carrington Event hits, power off for extended periods, HF propagation is poor, EFTPOS doesn’t work, internet not available, mobile phones and communications systems fail.

It will be held in the Queen’s Domain clubrooms from 7:30pm and will be streamed.

Come along with your show and tell, batteries, solar panels/charging systems, generators, emergency radios, emergency power solutions. Bring your stories of fighting off the zombie apocalypse – Cargo Style!

Be prepared to share your experiences, special tricks of the trade and zombie folklore.

7:30pm, Wednesday 11th September, 2024 in the Queen’s Domain Clubrooms and Streamed.

See you there.

73, REAST Committee

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