Lightning, Whistlers and Other Phenomena

Our REAST May presentation night will be a talk by Dr. Mike Groth VK7MJ on many lightning derived phenomena.

While Army Signalers in the trenches in France during the First World War were using early valve amplifiers to detect the earth currents generated by the field telephones in the enemy trenches, they discovered that the earth generated a range of strange audio frequency signals, including clicks, tweaks, and whistling.

These remained a scientific curiosity for almost 40 years, until the International Geophysical Year in 1957-8, when they became a tool for exploring the electrical and magnetic properties of the Earth’s magnetosphere before the development of specialised geophysical monitoring satellites in the 1970’s.

This will include many fascinating phenomena that Mike come across whilst undertaking his research in New Zealand featured in his Listening to the Planets presentation.

This should be another REAST Presentation not to be missed.

Thanks to Mike for offering to give the presentation.

73, REAST Committee


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