GPS Disciplined Oscillators Forum

For July REAST will be holding a GPS Disciplined Oscillator Forum on Wednesday 3rd July from 7:30pm.

This forum will be led by Rex VK7MO and Justin VK7TW who will be bringing along a broad range of GPSDOs and run through the positives and negatives of the various models.

A broad agenda for the forum will include –

· What is a GPSDO and how does it work?
· When is a GPSDO used and what benefits does it bring?
· Not all GPSDOs are the same.
· Where can you get more information about GPSDOs?
· Who are the Time Nuts?

If you have a GPSDO then bring it along and tell people about what you use it for and your experience with it.

We will have some interesting research around the very topical locking of the ICOM IC-9700 to share.

The session will be streamed on the REAST Facebook and YouTube Channels and will be recorded.

We look forward to seeing you along.


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