Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania

The month of June 2023 signals the centenary of organised amateur radio in Tasmania (VK7) and we thank the WIA Board for their support of this event.

The VK7 Centenary committee is planning a host of events that will include:

  • For the month we will be operating special callsign – VK7WIA.

  • If you are an amateur in VK7 and would like to use the VK7WIA special callsign for up to 3 days then please contact Reg Emmett VK7KK at [email protected]

  • AR Magazine for May-June will have a focus on VK7 history with a great article by Richard VK7RO on over a century of VK7 radio history. There will be a number of historical articles over the rest of 2023 AR Magazines.

  • There will be a special QSL card and award certificate for contacting VK7WIA during June.

  • There will be a WIA National News Broadcast run by VK7 on 18th June.

  • There will be Open Days around VK7 during June incorporating media opportunities, historical displays and special operating days;

  • In the North West there will be an Open Day on Saturday 24th June, in the North their Open Day will be on Saturday the 17th June and in the South their Open Day will be on Saturday 10th June, and,

  • There will be a focus on 100 years of VK7 Amateur Radio history and the standing up of a VK7 Amateur Radio News history web-based repository.

If you have an idea for the centenary month of June please let your club representative know – In the North – Peter VK7PD, in the North West – Eric VK7EV or in the South – Rod VK7TRF.

73, VK7 Centenary Committee

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