Australian atmospheric research in Antarctica

We are privileged to have Andrew Klekociuk from the Australian Antarctic Division who has agreed to give REAST a presentation on a potted history of Australian atmospheric research in Antarctica, from studies of aurorae, the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and cosmic rays to modern work on global climate modelling and related topics. There will be some side trips to note some personal highlights, including professional and hobby interests in radioastronomy.

Andrew is a Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division where he has conducted research on the Antarctic atmosphere for over 30 years. He grew up in Tasmania and gained a PhD in physics from the University of Tasmania. He has hobby interests in astronomy and environmental monitoring.

Queen’s Domain clubrooms from 7:30pm on 1st May 2019.

Thanks to Warren VK7WN for organising this presentation.

Photo by Ben McCormick and sourced from

Photo by Ben McCormick and sourced from

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