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  • Wed
    7:30 pmREAST Queens Domain Clubrooms

    We are privileged to have Andrew Klekociuk from the Australian Antarctic Division who has agreed to give REAST a presentation on a potted history of Australian atmospheric research in Antarctica, from studies of aurorae, the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and cosmic rays to modern work on global climate modelling and related topics. There will be some side trips to note some personal highlights, including professional and hobby interests in radioastronomy.

    Andrew is a Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division where he has conducted research on the Antarctic atmosphere for over 30 years. He grew up in Tasmania and gained a PhD in physics from the University of Tasmania. He has hobby interests in astronomy and environmental monitoring.

    Queen's Domain clubrooms from 7:30pm on 1st May 2019.

    Thanks to Warren VK7WN for organising this presentation.

    Photo by Ben McCormick and sourced from http://www.antarctica.gov.au/news/antarctic-insider

    Photo by Ben McCormick and sourced from http://www.antarctica.gov.au/news/antarctic-insider

  • Wed
    7:30 pmREAST Queens Domain Clubrooms

    The presentation for June is on Wednesday 12 June 2019  and will be given by our resident radio control experimenter Ron Cullen. It is a follow up from his previous presentation that was done back in June 2017.

    Ron will be covering improvements that he has made to do with remote control aircraft, First Person View (FPV) including a head tracking system which complements the FPV experience.

    He will also be presenting a new modern aircraft which is capable of reaching speeds of 100+km/h.

    Ron also now builds his own 5.8GHz AV antennas with the aid of a handy jig he created making the job a lot easier.

    All this and more from Ron this Wednesday night, the 12th of June 2019 from 7:30pm.

    See you there.

  • Sat
    10am - 4pmREAST Clubrooms

    We will be opening the REAST Clubrooms on Saturday June 29th for an antenna build day. An Antenna build day gives people the opportunity to work on antenna projects they have been working on, or starting a new project, with equipment and knowledge available to make sure you go home with a tuned antenna - which is very important if you are transmitting.

    The Antenna Analysers available on the day will be able to measure between 100KHz to 600MHz, which covers the majority of amateur radio bands people use.
    Two Kits will also be available on the day:

    • An end-fed half wave antenna that can be used on 40-20-15m will cost $35
    • A VHF/UHF handheld Moxon antenna for working LEO Satellites will cost $25

    Each kit takes around 1-2 hours to assemble and test, so why not bring up some lunch and put together an antenna that you can start using as soon as you are done.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering a kit, and guaranteeing availability please contact Ben VK7BEN by email at [email protected].

    If you are building kits please be aware that there will be only limited tools available at the clubrooms, and you are strongly encouraged to bring your own. Ben will advise kit builders of what tools they will need on the day a bit closer to the time.

  • Wed
    7:30 pmQueens Domain Clubrooms

    For July REAST will be holding a GPS Disciplined Oscillator Forum on Wednesday 3rd July from 7:30pm.

    This forum will be led by Rex VK7MO and Justin VK7TW who will be bringing along a broad range of GPSDOs and run through the positives and negatives of the various models.

    A broad agenda for the forum will include -

    · What is a GPSDO and how does it work?
    · When is a GPSDO used and what benefits does it bring?
    · Not all GPSDOs are the same.
    · Where can you get more information about GPSDOs?
    · Who are the Time Nuts?

    If you have a GPSDO then bring it along and tell people about what you use it for and your experience with it.

    We will have some interesting research around the very topical locking of the ICOM IC-9700 to share.

    The session will be streamed on the REAST Facebook and YouTube Channels and will be recorded.

    We look forward to seeing you along.


  • Wed
    7:30 pmREAST Queens Domain Clubrooms

    We are lucky to have Ian MacIntosh back for a fantastic presentation and demo of Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Ian has been experimenting with this technology for many years and the presentation will include Oculus Rift VR Archaeology since 2012 as Ian will be able to demonstrate each of the models over the last few years.

    The history of VR will be included from the 1960s and the players in this space. Ian will then move to the challenges like - Tracking. IMUs, IR Constellations and webcams, Room Scale tracking and motion capture. There are also technology challenges with real time processing, communication channels, bandwidth and latency.

    Ian will show the technology he has built up over his time experimenting with VR technology. The prototyping he has been doing and Photogrammetry. Don't know what this is - why not come along and learn! Ian will then go into the tools he uses with an application called Meshroom.

    During the presentation and demonstration there will be many forays into the real-world applications that this technology is already being used for. A huge thank you to Ian for giving us this presentation on one of his many passions.

    This looks to be a fantastic night and we hope to see you up on the Queen's Domain in the REAST clubrooms from 7:30pm Wednesday night, 7th August 2019.

  • Wed
    7:30 pmABC Studios Hobart

    We are privileged to have a " behind the scenes" tour of the ABC Radio and TV studios in Hobart.

    A huge thank you to Damien VK7SD and Alan VK7KAN who will be showing us through.

    More details closer to the event.

  • Wed
    7:30 pmREAST Queens Domain Clubrooms

    Following on from our hugely popular presentation by Kim VK7KB, Alan VK7KAJ and Roger VK7ER in August 2017.

    These guys are back and will continue where they left off in 1970's with the rest of the story about Antarctic Communications up to the present day.

    More details closer to the event.

  • Wed
    7:30 pm215 Lenah Valley Rd

    Ever wondered what goes on to bring you that carton of flavoured milk? Well this behind the scenes tour of the Lion Dairy & Drinks company in Lenah Valley will show you the whole process. We are lucky to have the chief engineer - Dale Barnes VK7DG to show us through.

    The levels of automation and process control used within this factory are a wonder to behold!

    Given this is a food production facility all visitors will need to comply with the hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practise requirements as we all do as employees. This includes all visitors needing to wear long pants fully covering the legs. Visitors will be supplied boots ,dust coats, protective safety glasses, hair nets and beard masks, washing and sanitising of hands before entering production area.

    This members tour will take place on Wednesday 16th October at 7:30pm. Meet at front office car park - 215 Lenah Valley Rd.

    A huge thank you to Dale for organising this tour.

  • Wed
    7:30 pmREAST Queens Domain Clubrooms

    We are privileged to have Dr. Conn O'Neil from General Practice Plus along for the night to give some insight into common (and not so common) men's health issues and importantly how we can prevent or reduce the risks associated with these issues.

    More info closer to the event.

Regular Events

Given the recent advice from the Australian Government and Health Authorities about indoor events need 4 square metres per person, the committee has taken the regretful step of closing the clubrooms until further notice.

This affects the Wednesday afternoon group and the DATV Experimenter’s Night.

As things develop we will keep members in the loop through regular email and broadcast updates.

(73, REAST Committee)

Wednesday Lunchtime Social Gathering – Every Wednesday 12.00 – 2.00pm
REAST Clubrooms, Upper Queens Domain

Every Wednesday members of the club get together for a social gathering, enjoying lunch together and general discussion.

Satellite & DATV Experimenters Night – Every Wednesday from around 7:00pm
REAST Clubrooms, Upper Queens Domain

Join members of the club in a weekly after work get together involving Satellite experimentation, Digital Amateur TV Broadcasts, demonstrations, show-and-tell, general discussion and videos.