Frequently Asked Questions

Tassie Ham Radio Conference and Expo

Q: Will there be catering at the event?

No, unfortunately we will not be able to provide catering for attendees. However, we will have on hand tea, coffee, cake and biscuits available for purchase at the venue. Lunch can be procured from Hill Street Grocer (directly across the road), MeMi Cafe or Sandy Bay (5 mins drive, 20 min walk from venue). Uber Eats & DoorDash food delivery services also serve this area.

Q: Will there be a tour program for partners?

No, unfortunately the resources to host such a program are too great. However, there is still plenty to see and enjoy in our wonderful city! We suggest checking TripAdvior for specific tours:

Alternatively personal recommendations from the organizing committee are MONA (Ferry Ride), Mount Wellington, Salamanca Market (Saturday only), Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Botanical Gardens just to name a few.

Q: What is the cost of attending the conference or expo?

We have a variety of attendee options available. Please check our registration site for ticket prices.

  What do they pay for? What do they pay for? What do they pay for?
Attendee Type Presenter Vendor Pre-loved Seller
Attending Conference & Expo Expo day only Conference day only Conference day only
Attending Only Conference Free N/A N/A
Attending Only Expo N/A Vendor Fees Pre-loved Seller Fees

Q: Is there accommodation that most travelers stay at?

Some accommodation options nearby the event venue are available on our website:

Q: Are there any official dinners/social gatherings before or after the event?

Yes! On Friday 4th of November we will be holding a social evening and BBQ at the REAST clubrooms located at the top of the Queens Domain from 5pm. Come hang out, check out our clubrooms and enjoy an evening of socialization before the event.

On Saturday & Sunday evenings there is no dinner or gathering booked. Please feel free to organize a small group and head down to Salamanca or the Constitution Dock area where there are many pubs and restaurants available. Pre-booking a table is always preferred as it can get quite busy on weekends.

Q: I have used gear I want to sell, can I book a table?

We have a booking portal for those wishing to setup a display as a vendor, or alternatively sell used equipment (after all – it wouldn’t be a proper ham radio event without some sort of preloved gear to buy!)

Q: I’m new to amateur radio, so I’ve never been to one of these events. What is in it for me?

We understand there is quite a considerable interest from more recently licensed hams in attending this event. For this reason, we have chosen a balanced and broad array of topics including both technical and practical for the conference. 

At the expo, you can look forward to socializing with fellow hams, seeing some of the awesome equipment you can buy, and view the various stalls showing off all the great things about our hobby.

If you’re new, please let one of our friendly volunteers know and we’d be happy to talk to you about our hobby!