Tassie Ham Radio Conference and Expo

Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November 2022

On behalf of the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc (REAST) we’d like to thank all that attended the Tassie Ham Radio Conference & Expo held in Hobart at the University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus.

Friday 4th of November 2022 – Social BBQ – REAST Clubrooms

Location: REAST Clubrooms – Top of Queen’s Domain

REAST held a social evening and BBQ at the REAST clubrooms located at the top of the Queens Domain on the Friday evening.

Saturday 5th of November 2022 – Amateur Radio Conference 

Location: Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre

Speakers from across VK and the World with presentations and talks including:

  • The How and Why of Youth Engagement / Steve Goodgame K5ATA ARRL Education and Training Person
  • Remote Station Operation – Don’t miss that elusive or rare DX / Scott Williams VK3KJ VK3K KO4GTC
  • Electrical safety from a medical not engineering perspective / Kevin VK4UH
  • WWFF in VK / Paul VK5PAS
  • Interference Mitigation / Ian Jackson VK3BUF
  • Trying to extend the 10 GHz Terrestrial World Record over the HawaiiCalifornia Path / Rex VK7MO
  • QRP SOTA builds (United States) / Adam K6ARK
  • 122/134GHz Developments / David VK5KK
  • G.A.Taylor a humorous look at a VK AR Giant / Roger VK2ZRH
  • DATV Developments in VK / Peter VK3BFG
  • Ideas on how to use your club for AR Promotion / Justin VK7TW

These presentations are available on the Ham Radio DX YouTube channel playlist.

Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre was the main conference presentation area (University of Tasmania – Sandy Bay Campus)

Tassie Ham Conference

ARRL Presentation

ALARA Presentation

Tassie Ham Radio Conference VK5KK

VK5KK – 122GHz presentation

Tassie Ham Radio Conference VK5PAS

VK5PAS – WWFF Presentation

Tassie Ham Radio Conference Audience

Tassie Ham Radio Conference Audience

Sunday 6th of November 2022 – Ham Expo

Location: Studio Theatre and next-door – Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre

  • Amateur Radio Vendors and Traders:
    • All About DX – with a full sized Hex Beam in the exhibition space!
    • Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association
    • DX Systems
    • Icom Australia Pty Ltd debuting the ICOM IC-905 and large range of ICOM radios
    • Jaycar
    • Little Devil Antennas
    • Northern Tasmania Amateur Radio Club
    • Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
    • Rotarians of Amateur Radio
    • Spooktech
    • Summits on the Air
    • Volunteer Examiner Australia
    • Wireless Institute of Australia
    • World Wide Flora and Fauna
  • Preloved equipment
    • REAST
    • NTARC
    • VK7WH
    • VK7LCW
    • VK7KB
    • VK7KRJ

The ICOM IC-905’s had its VK debut at the Tassie Ham Radio Expo.

ICOM IC-905 10GHz

ICOM IC-905 1.2GHz

ICOM IC-905 External Units

Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre foyer was where you registered and the pre-loved items were (University of Tasmania – Sandy Bay Campus)
Expo Door Opening

Expo Door Opening

Iain VK5ZD 122GHz Demo

Iain VK5ZD 122GHz Demo

VK5KK 122 GHz Demo

VK5KK 122 GHz Demo

Studio Theatre was the main Expo location which is right next door to the Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre (University of Tasmania – Sandy Bay Campus)
Panorama of Expo

Panorama of Expo in full swing

Tassie Ham Expo B

Tassie Ham Expo – ALARA & Jaycar

Tassie Ham Expo C

Tassie Ham Expo – Jaycar

Tassie Ham Expo D

Tassie Ham Expo – DX Systems, Volunteer Examiners Australia & WIA

Tassie Ham Expo E

Tassie Ham Expo – All about DX – Hexbeam

Tassie Ham Expo F

Tassie Ham Expo – Hobart Hacker Space

Tassie Ham Expo G

Tassie Ham Expo G – SOTA & WWFF

Tassie Ham Expo H

Tassie Ham Expo – NTARC & VK7ZBX

Tassie Ham Expo I

Tassie Ham Expo – ICOM

Tassie Ham Expo J

Tassie Ham Expo – SpookTech

Tassie Ham Expo K

Tassie Ham Expo SpookTech

Tassie Ham Expo L

Tassie Ham Expo  – All about DX – Hexbeam

Tassie Ham Expo M

Tassie Ham Expo M  – All about DX – Hexbeam

Tassie Ham Expo N

Tassie Ham Expo  – ALARA

Raffle Prizes:

Thanks to all our raffle prize donators – Raffle Prize Winners.

We thank everyone involved in making this a successful event.

73 Tassie Ham Expo Organizing Committee
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