Radio Safety Communications – Equine Endurance Events

Radio Safety Communications – Equine Endurance Events

Ever wondered about going portable in the bush and helping out the WICEN crew with radio at Equine Endurance checkpoints?

We are holding a special forum on Wednesday 10th April from 7:30pm on everything involved with providing Radio Safety Communications.

The format will be a short presentation on the basics and then we will be opening up the floor to anyone to tell us about their experience and ask any questions. If you have been involved with these events in the past, please come along and relate your experience and what you learned.

The event will be streamed with an open chat channel where we will take questions and go out on DVB-T RF.

Wednesday 10th April 2024 from 7:30pm in the Queen’s Domain clubrooms.

See you there

73, REAST and WICEN Committees

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