Presentation Night – History of UTC and the Leap Second

REAST’s April presentation night will be a fascinating presentation from Peter Pokorny VK2EMR.

This will be a humorous presentation about how universal coordinated time (UTC) came into existence and why we need Leap Seconds.

There will also be a very timely update from WRC ’23 on Leap Seconds as well.

Peter attended the World Radio Conference 2023 with Dale Hughes and is a well verses in the ITU and WRC behemoth as he has been involved many years due to his professional maritime background.

It will be held on Wednesday night the 3rd April 2024 from 7:30pm in the Queens Domain Clubrooms and it will also go out on DVB/T RF and via the REAST YouTube Channel streaming service.

This should be a great night, see you there.

73, REAST Committee

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