Magnetic Loop Antennas – Myth Busting Demo

VK7TW Magnetic Loop

The REAST April presentation and demonstration will be all about Magnetic Loop antennas.

There are many many myths out there on the internet about magnetic loop antennas and so this presentation and demonstration will focus on myth-busting by presenting the facts, demonstrating them in real-time and busting some of the myths that many amateurs hang on to about these fascinating antennas.
We will also be demonstrating the Dave Trewren G7IYK’s Magnetic Loop Tuner – featured on Instructables –
The presentation will be streamed via the REAST YouTube Channel and go out on DVB-T RF.
This will take place on Wednesday 5th April 2023 from 7:30pm in the Queens Domain Clubrooms.
See you there.
73, REAST Committee
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