August Presentation Night – WIA Q&A with VK4EA

August Presentation Night – WIA Q&A with VK4EA

Our August presentation night will see a casual information and question & answer session with WIA Director, Peter Schrader VK4EA.

Are you a WIA member or have considered becoming a WIA member and wanted to ask questions of someone “in the know” to clarify those last points? This is the evening for you!

Peter has agreed to take us through and outline the WIA – structure, current directors, governance, involvement with the IARU and ITU. 

Also outline the services that the WIA provides to members and affiliated clubs including Public Liability Insurance – attendance at the World Radio Conferences, AR Magazine and much more.

Peter will also run through current consultations with ACMA including the move to the Class Licence, Assessments changes (August Consult Paper), Repeaters RALI, and more.

We will be opening it up for questions, comments, etc

We will be going out on RF and Streaming on the REAST YouTube channel.

A huge thank you to Peter for agreeing to make himself available.

73, REAST Committee

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