August Presentation Night: Antenna Sharing Forum

Rex's portable 6m antenna

Rex’s portable 6m antenna

Following on from our successful forum nights we are running and antenna forum night for our August presentation night.

The format of the night will be an open forum for anyone to bring along their experience of the antennas they are using, building and testing. This includes the antenna analysers you use with your antennas.

It doesn’t have to be a huge in-depth analysis presentation just come along and share your experience with the antennas you are using. If you have some analysis data then certainly bring it along.

They can be permanent installations, mobile, satellite, microwave, LF, MF, HF, portable or handheld, in fact anything and everything is encouraged. Just come along and share your experience.

We will compile on the night a list of antennas and users and make it available so, if you are interested in a particular antenna you will know who to contact.

The night will be streamed and we will take questions and comments via R2, DM 3807 and the YouTube Chat Channel. We will also broadcast the night on RF 445.5MHz DVB-T around Hobart.

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