AccessibleGD77 Presentation

Our August presentation will be given by the software developer Joe Stephen VK7JS who lives up North in Exeter on the picturesque Tamar River.

For those who don’t know, Joe is totally blind but instead of this holding him back he has developed a reputation developing software for the vision impaired. Joe has developed many pieces of software including the very popular JAWS screen reader software that enables blind people around the world to access computers, including reading web pages, interacting with spread sheets and much more, using speech and Braille feedback.

Joe has also developed the AccessibleGD77 firmware to replace the standard GD77 firmware to make the handheld much more friendly to visually impaired with lots of benefits for non-visually impaired people as well.

Joe will take us through this development and the features he has built into the AccessibleGD77 firmware.

Huge thanks to Joe for this Presentation.

We will be streaming this presentation on the night –

73, REAST Commitee

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