Saturday Shack Session 10/9

20160910-SaturdayActivitiesWhat a great day it was up at the Clubrooms on Saturday! The weather was typically Tasmanian, scratching the idea of a lunchtime BBQ, but that didn’t seem to bother the dozen people who came up to the Clubrooms.
After obtaining one of the less usual Female N-Type to SO-239 adapters, VK7BEN replaced the HF antenna yet again, but this time yielding much better results – this antenna can now be used with the club’s HF radio with minimal tuning required, and that’s a big win.
Scott and The SDR Special Interest Group also spent the day installing Linux on laptops and Raspberry Pis along with all the fun that RTL-SDR receivers have to offer. Richard VK7FLCS spent the day helping Rex VK7MO with his GPS time locking on his laptop – which is pretty important for the microwave stuff that Rex works with!
We are scheduled to open the clubrooms again on Saturday 24th September from 11am and all members are welcome!
73’s Ben VK7BEN
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