CNT-400 Coax Bulk Order

CNT-400Coax doesn’t last forever. Water ingress, years in the sun and oxidation will all take it’s toll on this valuable part of your radio infrastructure. This is bad news for your signal getting out there, with increased line loss and SWR. Isn’t it time to put that aged piece of cracking RG-213 out of it’s misery? Do you want to help your club while getting a great deal on low loss coax?
REAST is seeking interest in a bulk purchase of of CNT-400 at a price of $4.50/metre for the amateur radio community. Not only is this a great price that is lower than retail but part of the money will help cover the costs to replace the ageing feed lines at the club rooms! At this price, the coax will be strictly pick up from club rooms only.
We’ve already had a lot of interest from people when we have floated the idea, so if you are interested, please Contact Us, advising how many metres you would like to purchase! Orders will likely be placed before the end of October.


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