REAST Visits the ABC!

REAST Members visit ABC (Photo: VK7TW)

Thursday night saw a good group at the front door of the ABC next to the Railway Roundabout and we were welcomed by Damien VK7SD and Alan VK7KAD who were our fantastic and very knowable hosts for the night.

We started in one of the radio studios with producer Dave who took the group through the preparation of radio segments using the various tools that are used to edit and queue radio promotional segments around Australia. Thanks Dave.

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Antennas on the Move

Garage MastThere is currently a lot of activity going on around the back of the club rooms as the garage continues to be cleaned up.

Over the last week Barry VK7TBM and Dave VK7DM have been working on establishing a new tower for repeater antennas at the rear of the garage that replaced the large mast at the front of the garage which was damaged by strong winds awhile ago now. The new tower boasts a tilt-over capability and telescopic pole extension that will make overall maintenance on the tower and antennas much easier.

In coming weeks the repeater infrastructure will be relocated into the club rooms from the garage.

Member Volunteer Register

reastlogolarge72dpiThe club wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our many fantastic volunteers. Be it from the club committee to presenting to other members, volunteers are very important to the activity levels of the club.

When we conducted our Member Survey a couple of months ago, many members indicated that they were willing to volunteer, but due to the anonymity of the survey, we had no idea who was offering their time and resources!  We have now created a volunteer register. If you are willing to donate your time to help the club in any way, from it being a presenter to helping keep the club rooms clean, please follow the link to the Volunteer Register and fill out the form!

Volunteer Register

Saturday Shack Session 10/9

20160910-SaturdayActivitiesWhat a great day it was up at the Clubrooms on Saturday! The weather was typically Tasmanian, scratching the idea of a lunchtime BBQ, but that didn’t seem to bother the dozen people who came up to the Clubrooms.
After obtaining one of the less usual Female N-Type to SO-239 adapters, VK7BEN replaced the HF antenna yet again, but this time yielding much better results – this antenna can now be used with the club’s HF radio with minimal tuning required, and that’s a big win.
Scott and The SDR Special Interest Group also spent the day installing Linux on laptops and Raspberry Pis along with all the fun that RTL-SDR receivers have to offer. Richard VK7FLCS spent the day helping Rex VK7MO with his GPS time locking on his laptop – which is pretty important for the microwave stuff that Rex works with!
We are scheduled to open the clubrooms again on Saturday 24th September from 11am and all members are welcome!
73’s Ben VK7BEN

CNT-400 Coax Bulk Order

CNT-400Coax doesn’t last forever. Water ingress, years in the sun and oxidation will all take it’s toll on this valuable part of your radio infrastructure. This is bad news for your signal getting out there, with increased line loss and SWR. Isn’t it time to put that aged piece of cracking RG-213 out of it’s misery? Do you want to help your club while getting a great deal on low loss coax?
REAST is seeking interest in a bulk purchase of of CNT-400 at a price of $4.50/metre for the amateur radio community. Not only is this a great price that is lower than retail but part of the money will help cover the costs to replace the ageing feed lines at the club rooms! At this price, the coax will be strictly pick up from club rooms only.
We’ve already had a lot of interest from people when we have floated the idea, so if you are interested, please Contact Us, advising how many metres you would like to purchase! Orders will likely be placed before the end of October.


New Member Benefit from Jaycar!

We are pleased to announce that REAST members can now enjoy a 10% discount off all purchases over $25 at any Jaycar store. For further information on how to take advantage of this, please log in to the members area and then visit the member discounts page.

We’re currently looking for great deals for our members, so if you have any ideas, why not let us know and we’ll see if anything can be done!