Weekly QSO Party Report 21/8/16

Last weekend numbers were down to 5 with VK7’s OO, ZMS, MO, JG and Ken VK7KRJ who is new to the group. Ken is operating with a handicap of 30 feet of thin coax and numerous adapters and while he had a good signal to VK7MO was only just detectable by VK7OO  and VK7ZMS.

Ken expects to receive some adapters from ebay which will allow him to mount his transverter at the antenna and save around 10 dB which should make a big difference.

We continue straight after today’s  broadcast on 1296.1, initially on FM.

(73, Rex, VK7MO)

Welcome to the New REAST Website

Welcome to our new Website!

A lot of work has gone into the design and layout of the new site, which will not only make it easier for you the reader to navigate, but also provides the ability for a lot more people to contribute to the website. We would like to thank Ben  VK7BEN, Justin VK7TW and Scott VK7LXX for the many hours involved in getting the new site together and editing content.

We would like to also thank Peter VK3US who has for over the past decade hosted the REAST website at no cost. Peter is now retiring the infrastructure that has hosted the REAST website for all these years which has meant an opportune time to update the site and relocate.

Take a browse around the site, and if you spot any issues, We’d love to hear from you so we can fix them!