Software Defined Radio

Software defined radios are the modern method of sythesising RF signals. Some SDRs give you the familiar frontend for radio operation while there are other SDRs that allow you customise the internal radio software. This special interest group seeks members who are wanting to experiment with their own SDR hardware. The SDR experimenters group will be a community of SDR enthusiasts wanting to help each other customise their SDR gear.

We will report our activities to the larger REAST organisation with the hope to expand overall interest in software defined radio.

SDRs can be expensive transceivers right down to the receive only such as the RTLSDR.

The SDRSIG has it’s own website at however the group is part of REAST so we are looking to integrate the site content on the REAST website. If you would like to join the group, head over to the website and fill in the signup form. The website has a blog and events page, members will get access to the site to add their own content based on their SDR experiments. If you sign up we will add you to the group mailing list where online discussions on SDR topics takes places as well as announcements of upcoming events.

The group is expected to be hands on, so if you are looking to join we encourage you to get hold of an RTLSDR receiver to start your own experiments in receiving and decoding signals. With some practical kit such as the RTLSDR, you can then learn by doing as we deep dive into topics of digital signal processing and synthesis.

The SDRSIG group is new, with our first meeting in August 2016.  The group has regular meetings at the REAST club house on the Domain once or twice a month. We will alternate between the Wednesday evenings and Saturdays to accomodate our busy lives. Later on we will develop an SDR net and other online activities.

Upcoming Events

Recent News

Check out the SDRSIG Blog at for the most recent news.