REAST Tenders

Over time, REAST often gains a number of assets through generous donations and bequests that to achieve the greatest benefit to the Association is through the sale of these items.

To ensure all members have an equal opportunity to purchase association assets, we will occasionally run tenders to sell these items. Details of any current tenders can be found below.

Current Tenders: VK7BRY (SK)

  1. To place an offer, either write on a piece of paper your Name, Callsign, Item (Number + Description) & Price Offer and place in Committee mailbox. alternatively email [email protected] this information with the subject “VK7BRY TENDER”
  2. Offers will be assessed and accepted based on:
    1. Price Offer.
    2. In the case of high power RF equipment, license class.
  3. Tender will close at 8pm, July 19th 2017, with accepted offers being notified by email by Sunday, July 22nd.

ITEM 1      Icom IC706 II Transceiver *

ITEM 2      Yaesu FL2100 Linear Amplifier * – Powers on, not tested.

ITEM 3      Yaesu FT757-GX II Transceiver * (with matching FP-700 power supply). Display Lamps out, need replacing. Simple fix.

ITEM 4      Daiwa Antenna Coupler CL-66

ITEM 5      Frequency Counter RB600 *

ITEM 6      National Pulse   Generator Wj-121BN/A

ITEM 7      Digitor 2m RF Power Amplifier D2510

ITEM 8      Kenwood Dip Meter DM81 *

ITEM 9      HIMOUND Morse Key

ITEM 10    Icom  IC-SM-2 Desk Microphone

ITEM 11    Oskerblock SWR/Power Meter

ITEM 12    ASAHI ME-IIX SWR/Power Meter

ITEM 13    Micronta SWR/Power Meter

ITEM 14    Dick Smith SW-77c SWR/Power Meter *

ITEM 15    DSE UHF Wattmeter SWR/Power Meter

ITEM 16    Model 120 SWR & Field Strength Meter *

ITEM 17    ASAHI ME-IIX SWR/Power Meter

* Manual Available

General Tender Conditions

  • Items are sold in an as-is condition. Unless otherwise advised, the functional state of the equipment has not been tested.
  • REAST Inc. accepts no liability due to loss or incidental, consequential or special damage caused by sold item.
  • REAST provides no warranty for sold items.
  • Accepted tender offers are final. No refunds accepted.