VK7 Online Chat

We maintain a chat room, #vk7:matrix.org on the Matrix network. The easiest way to join the channel is to click on this link: #vk7:matrix.org which will load the chat app and give you the option to register an account. Alternatively:

  • Go to https://riot.im/app and create an account
  • Join the room #vk7:matrix.org

In addition to the web based chat application there are also mobile apps for Matrix, search for ‘riot.im’ in your mobile device’s app store. This will allow you to chat and reply at any time, not just when you are in front of the keyboard.

This Matrix room is bridged to the #vk7 channel on the Freenode IRC network for those who may still use IRC.

We will also use the chat room to link our on air and meetups with remote members. We welcome everyone interested in amateur radio, especially if they are in VK7 and will talk about anything and everything radio related.

If you are new to Matrix chat or IRC, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the channel and we’ll try to sort out your issues, but we encourage people to give the chat application a go.

Why Online Chat?

We have plenty to talk about but we all lead busy lives. Not all of us can make all the meetings, or get in front of a radio in time to catch their favourite nets. It is the intention of the VK7 channel to provide a loose conversation between club events, and even to promote and encourage ad-hoc testing of equipment, plan kit or antenna building, share photos, or even plan an ad-hoc on air net. It is a meeting point online to help build our community.

Why Matrix?

Not everyone is comfortable using some of the social networks out there. Matrix is a free, open source and federated chat system. No one owns it, and anyone can run a chat server, so it will never be behind the closed walled gardens of some of the social media and hardware vendors out there. Matrix has the ability to connect to other chat networks as well, such as IRC which is still somewhat popular.

However, the main Matrix protocol app, Riot.IM, is very easy to use and has heaps of features which is another reason why it is becoming popular. You should give it a try today. It provides not only text messaging but the ability to upload files and photos, as well as start voice and video conference chats as well.