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Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania

The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania's objects and purposes include: * for the association of persons interested in and for the encouragement and development of radio communication and electronics in all its modes; * to encourage, assist and educate all persons interested in all aspects of amateur radio and allied techniques with special reference to licensed radio amateurs and to promote the extension of interest and participation in such pursuits; * participation in activities using radio communication equipment and techniques within the terms of amateur licensing as amended from time to time; Members of the club come from all walks of life and we meet to share a common interest in experimental radio communications and electronic experimentation.
Michael Pope
Michael Pope7 days ago
Spotted this poster at the recent Antiques & Collectables Fair at Hobart City Hall. Looked like it was in pretty good condition.
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
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The WIA is looking for some help in relation to the WIA National News broadcast.
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania1 week ago
If you have ever used eBay to buy radio equipment, there's a pretty good chance your have come across these cheap QRP ATU kits, and the price seems pretty compelling.
Owen Duffy, VK1OD, recently reviewed one of these kits and I think the results would have you thinking twice about buying one!
Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
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Beacon News - Updated GPS Locked Digital Beacons

VK7RST 6m and 2m beacons are back on air with both now GPS Locked and transmitting digital sequences.

The frequencies are 6m – 50.297 MHz and 2m 144.470 MHz.

Take note that a licence update is also pending to add a 70cm beacon on 432.470 MHz.

These beacons were originally at Hobart College at Mt Nelson and were created and maintained by Alan Ruthven VK7ZAR SK with help from Joe Gelston VK7JG.

They have been moved to a hill between Oyster Cove and Coningham and are hosted thanks to the Peter VK7TPE and XYL Maureen.

The transmit sequence is currently in one minute blocks:
50.297 MHz – OOKCW then FSKCW then JT4B then JT65A
144.470 MHz - OOKCW then FSKCW then JT4D then JT65B

This will change in the near future to just OOKCW and JT65 in odd/even minutes.

We have named the beacons the “Alan Ruthven Memorial Beacons” in memorial of the Zsar and all the work he put into these beacons. Thanks Alan.

They are both running at 20W into horizontal polarised antennas.

A huge thank you to Richard VK7ZBX, Martin VK7MA, Magahi and Justin VK7TW who spent last Wednesday afternoon putting up new antennas and installing the beacons.

A huge thank you also to Peter VK7TPE and Maureen who’s property hosts the beacons.

Stay tuned for information as we update and fine tune these beacons.

Reports are welcome to [email protected]

73, Justin, VK7TW